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Storyboard Test Odyssey (Animatic)

Here is the animatic

the references from I started the camera angle study: District 13.

My original study on the Chase scene

My original study on the Chase scene

My take on that study

My take on that study

the 3d scene on Blender 2.8

I took "District 13" famous chase scene as reference for a storyboard study. So many things started to make sense after that.
So I started to make my own camera angle choices, first over the early storyboard (I change the story based on "2001: A space oddity") and secondly on blender, thanks to the new Grease Pencil tools on 2.8.

I used it as an opportunity of learning blender.

I learned from the next tutorials about blender:

-A quick introduction to blender (its says "for advance" users but I think anybody can find it useful, because it goes straight to the point):

-For the new 2d animation tools (Grease Pencil):

Specials thanks to Sergio Paez's visual story course which I am following (assignment 4).

PD: there are some panels that didn't make it to the final animatic. Time to change to next project and keep learning.

July 13, 2020